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We need support for my poor village school kids.

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otimpong elorm

Hello my dear friends around the world. My name is Otimpong Elorm.I am a Ghanaian by birth. I am working as a Volunteer Teacher in my small farming community called Old Baika in the Oti Region of Ghana.

I am teaching and supporting 125 kids with 4 other Volunteer teachers in the village. The name of the school is called EVEREST D/A PRIMARY SCHOOL. The school starts from kindergarten to grade 5. The school was built by a member of parliament from our area with only few desks, teacher’s guides, books and few other educational materials. At first, the school starts with 16 kids, 6 boys and 10 girls. Now we have 125 kids which all we have as learning materials at first are not able to help both we the volunteer teachers and the kids. This makes us to combine two classes as one class because of lack of tables/desks. We have written to Educational agencies and NGOs to help us, since the member of parliament is no more in political power, we lack a lot. We don’t have clean water for the kids during dry seasons, we depend on contaminated streams and rivers. Parents have tried their best with the little income they got from their subsistence farms to get as few materials, but not enough. Am here as the Head-Teacher pleading for your support and donations.

Fellow friends, organizations, churches and companies, I am appealing and pleading you to support our village School with student desks to divide the kids into their right class rooms, we need a cabinet to keep the few school text books. We need a computer to teach them ICT, the only see a computer in papers/books with no practical. None of the kids knows how and what an internet is or how it works. I feel so much bad for my village kids. We need good portable water tank to store rain water since we can’t get a bore-hole. Many kids never eat before coming to school due to poor family backgrounds and this affect us the teachers. We are 5 in number as volunteer teachers and only two of the teachers including me are High School graduates. For the past two and half years now, we haven’t receive even a single trained teacher and not even a support from the current government administration. But we are trying our best to help this poor village kids. We need a donation of $8,000 to support the village school kids in getting them desks and the above mentioned items. If anyone is willing to send his or her kids old books, computer or any educational materials as any books can send to our address,

TEL +233541290077

On behalf of the Parents, Teachers and Students, we say thank you for your Support. We hope our cries may plead you to help. May God bless you all.

Otimpong Elorm.
(Head Teacher)