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Get do help portal specially designed to help poor and needy people worldwide. We help for those people who is requesting for help at our portal or contact us by email or WhatsApp or Phone according to our capabilities. For example we help Mr. Sunil Jangid who was requested for PC (Personal Computer) for study on phone. We create his profile manually at our portal after verify all details and gave him a set of PC. We recieved one request from one of our volunteer about Sangita Murmu from Ranchi, Jharkhand that she is divorcee and living alone on rent in Ranchi, she is working as maid, She is of good behaviour and worked for long time at one place but due to some issue she is searching for new work and facing some issue with his maid work at new house because of activities of issues, She is not educated so she want to buy a small plot (click link for request details) and earn by his own business or rent. Because she is from SC/ST (Aadiwasi of Jharkhand) so he can bought small land on good price due to state and center government offers. She is looking for help of about 2 to 3 lacs. We help her according to our capacity first time about 20k and will do more according to our income.

So, We are helping as much as possible, but we need your help also because we are managing our complete team, website work, contents work, server for hosting and many more things on our own expenses. Please help us by small donation to explore our services more and more worldwide.

Recently we listen one more thing from some one who is going to school for his kids admission, There was a men who is saying that this time we forgot to fill RTE (Right to Education) form and so we can not send our kids if you will charge admission and tution fees, we can pay only for book and school administrater said that we will call you after think about this.

So we plan to contact these types of schools that if they have these types of kids request then let us know and we will pay for him according to our capabilities.

Note : All earning from Get Do Help by donation or by advertisement or by any other ways will use for only help the needy and poor people worldwide. So if you will doante us then can contact us any time regarding our expenses details. Generally we are making our expenses section to show all things live that where we are expensing. currenctly we can send you detail email for all details.

In last our humble request that please donate us small amount to explore our services more and more and also to help needy and poor people worldwide.

If you have any question then please feel free to contact us /WhatsApp at +91 8112275748 or mail us at