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  • Without A Kidney & Liver Transplant, My Son's Chances Of Survival Will Become Nil. #PleaseHelpMe

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    Having spent 3 months in the ICU, my son Srisharan, dreads being there now. My 6-year old boy seldom cries and is a very active, playful child but visiting hospitals makes him petrified.

    We were a happy family but the news of our son suffering from Primary Hyperoxaluria left us in desolation. We were in complete distress for 3-4 months until we realised that this distress was having an impact on our son too. So we decided to be happy and face the hurdles with optimism. He needs an urgent kidney transplant costing Rs. 10,00,000 ($ 15,384) and we are finding it very difficult to arrange the money.

    I am Suriya, mother of Srisharan, our only son. He was 2 and a half years old when he suffered a urine infection, fever, and fits. He was admitted at the Pondicherry hospital for 10 days for his  Read More...

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