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  • Child Labour In India

    30 May Amit Sharma  

    Child labour is a global issue that prevents children from fulfilling their potential. If a country has poverty and illiteracy, child labour will be there. The future of a nation is determined by the way it treats its children and its women. It is the moral duty of every citizen for the country

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  • Women's Safety In India

    30 May Suraj Anjaana  

    We are living in 21st century. Science and technology is advancing day by day. Today we reached to moon, having medicine / treatment for almost all the disease, distance doesn’t matter as having superfast transportation, telecom revolution, etc. But we are still far behind when we are

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  • A Small Glimpse On Some Of The Happiest Countries Or Lands In World

    20 April Suraj Anjaana  

    In the present era, it is really very hard to hear about happiest countries. There are some countries that are really happy in all aspects. Happiest in the sense means, that the countries that are free from any political disturbance or interference. Each year some group of

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