Get DO Help

Our Mission

Get Do Help main mission is to provide about all types of services for needy people. Our aim is if any needy people just ask us for his need and we are able to help them then we will do it as soon as possible or will distribute his need to NGO, Trust to help him

Our mission is not simple but we know that if we start then many people will join to make world more happier. We just want to make a chain of people who let us know any third people need or problem or any other things here and we will try our best to solve his issues. We know its not simple but we start this work now and we are requesting to share your hand also with us to do social work for peaceful life.

School for free education : Get Do Help want to make a chain of school worldwide for free education with all facilities for those types of kids who want to read and learn but not able to get quality qualification due to financial or any other issues.

Ambulance and other Vehicle : Get Do Help want to buy and run ambulance and other vehicles like buses, ambulance for needy people for free of coast. Same like school we want to run this types of services worldwide (In each city for needy people).

Restaurant : We want to make a chain of restaurant worldwide for those people who is hungry. Our dream is to open restaurants and there will be all types of meals will be for free of quality with guarantee of food quality.

Consultancy and Give Opportunity to earn : If any needy people are coming in touch by any ways, our team will talk with him in details that what is his need and what he can do, then after we will try our best to give him opportunity to earn and spend his life happily.

Note : There are many other points on which we want to work but because its just starting and that is why are thinking about few main points.

In short Get Do Help portal dreams is to resolve issues of needy people worldwide. We can not do it alone or with a small team so we are requesting your to help us by any ways. For example you can donate us money or land or other things which can help needy people. We want to clear one thing that we help also needy people from earning of this portal because its dedicated for social works so share what you can with us or needy people at our portal.