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Oppo VOOC Flash Charge and Super VOOC: Here’s what goes behind the technology

Oppo VOOC Flash Charge and Super VOOC: Here’s what goes behind the technology

In the evolution of portable batteries in terms of their size and specifications, smartphone batteries have also come a long way since their early days. Gone are the days when smartphones used to take much longer to charge up to 100 per cent. Now, fast charging support is a common expectation on most phones these days.

Smartphone brands have been spending a lot of money on research and development around the battery, which remains a key consumer requirement. Oppo is one such player, which has been investing in research and development (R&D) when it comes to various aspects of a smartphone, including battery.

Oppo’s proprietary battery charging technology is called VOOC Flash Charge. Last week, during a visit to Oppo’s factory and headquarters in Shenzhen, China, the company explained in detail exactly how its VOOC charge and the newer Super VOOC technology works. In an hour-long presentation with Chen Tian, Oppo Hardware Technical Expert and Core Developer of VOOC Flash Charge, the company explained how VOOC works. We decode it below.

Introduction to VOOC Flash Charge
Oppo’s VOOC Flash Charge is a fast charging technology, which is claimed to be twice as fast as a standard 5V/1A charger. Chen revealed some crucial stats, according to which, if a standard charger is able to charge the battery up to 100 per cent in 200 minutes, VOOC Flash Charge can do the same in 100 minutes. Similarly, Super VOOC, which is an improvement over VOOC Flash Charge, is able to charge the battery up to 100 per cent in less than an hour.

Super VOOC has become commercially available starting with Oppo Find X Lamborghini edition. However, the standard edition of Oppo Find X supports VOOC Flash Charge.

Difference between VOOC and Super VOOC
Apart from the difference in terms of charging speed, there is difference in terms of specifications of VOOC and Super VOOC. The standard charger offers an output of 5V/1A whereas the standard fast charger offers an output of 5V/2A. When it comes to VOOC Flash Charge, the charging adapter supports output of 5V/4A. On the other hand, Super VOOC charger offers an output of 10V/5A (50W), which is much higher.

Safety of Oppo’s VOOC Flash Charge
Oppo’s VOOC Flash Charge technology has undergone five layers of protection. Since it is a proprietary fast charging method, it requires Oppo’s own charging cable and power adapter. The power adapter is equipped with adapter overload protection. Meaning, once the phone is charged up to 100 per cent, it will automatically stop supplying the power to your smartphone to prevent damage caused by overcharging.

Both the USB interface on the cable and the power adapter feature a chip to determine the flash charging condition. The USB interface at the receiving end has 7-pin interface overload protection. Last but not least, the smartphone packs a battery fuse and overload protection. Combining all of this together, this fast charging method won’t work with other chargers or smartphones out there.

Disclaimer: The author was in Shenzhen, China at the invite of Oppo which paid for his travel and accommodation.

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