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Justice Arun slams lawyers appearing on TV debates, says they're 'destroying the institution'

Justice Arun Mishra who was apparently the target of four judges who alleged that the CJI allocated politically sensitive cases to some particular benches pulled up lawyers for doing things that "destroy the institution".

"You people are destroying this institution like never before. We judges are abused like anything. You go to this TV, that TV and say things about us. Everyday this is happening. Every day you are killing this institution," he said.


"With one arrow you want to kill everybody. Bar Association president is watching this, and laughing. He thinks we are not caring. But remember you will survive, only if the institution survives. This way the institution will not survive", said Justice Mishra.

The remarks came while the court was hearing a plea relating to medical admissions in Kerala. Recently, the bench had stayed the Kerala govt's ordinance, which sought to protect certain medical admissions that were quashed by the court.

A clarification application was moved in this regard but the bench declined to entertain it.

The judges had alleged "cases having far-reaching consequences for the nation and institution had been assigned by CJI selectively to the benches of his preferences". They had contended "things are not in order" and "many undesirable things are happening".

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