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Cyclone Fani makes landfall in Odisha's Puri

Cyclone Fani makes landfall in Odisha's Puri

Cyclone ‘Fani’ makes landfall in Odisha's Puri

ODISHA : Cyclone Fani made landfall near Puri, Odisha on Friday morning. Rail, Road and Air traffic has been completely disrupted as medical and disaster management teams are kept on standby. Heavy rains and strong winds battered the coastal areas as the cyclone made landfall in the Puri district of Odisha at at around 9 am on Friday. The wind speed could reach up to 200-230 km per hour. The cyclone expected to be severe for four to six hour after landfall. Approximately 10k villages and 52 towns in Odisha will come in the path of cyclone.

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