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COVID 19 Effects : 800 to 1000 Hungry People Waiting for Food in Ramganj, Jaipur

COVID 19 Effects : 800 to 1000 Hungry People Waiting for Food in Ramganj, Jaipur

My name is Suraj Anjaana (Co-Founder of Get Do Help) want to let you all know Jiapur people that 800 to 1000 people in big trouble because of hunger and no proper food arrangment in Ramganj, Jaipur.

I received call since 2 days because they are seeing our website and think that we can help, we help as much as people arround us by many ways and for 800 top 1000 people food arrangment need high budget and so we are writing this news on our website.

1st Call for Gudiya Khan (Aadarsh Nagar, Jaipur) - Gudiya Khan (Age 25) is suffering from kidney issue and he is going to hospital about two times in a week for Dailysis. She call me that due to COVID 19 issue now she is facing big problem because she is unable to arrange regular food also now. We are trying to arrange for food for her but for regular dialysis charge we can not handle. So either help them or help us to help them on regular basis.

2nd Call from Neejamuddin (9828656672) and Fakruddin (8005599171), Address - House no. 479, Ghat Gate, Luharon ka Khura Fish Market, Haji ji ki Jhonpdi, Jaipur

His origital message is "800 -1000 admiyon ke liye doodh cheeni ata chawal ki vyevastha karayen dhanyewad".

Mr. Neejamuddin and Fakruddin is worry for his nearby people and say that about 800 to 1000 people are looking for help by donate food because government vehicle is also not reaching there to give him food. So either let government know to help him or help him by donate food, milk etc to help those hungery people. You can help us also to help them.

This is time to show humanity so share your hand with them to make them happy and feel like there are many persons around him who can help him anytime.

If you have any question related to this news then please feel free to contact us by call or email anytime. Hope for positive response from all over world.

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