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Cheap fuel vs cheap mobile data: BJP leader's attack on Congress backfires

New Delhi: When he attacked Congress for high prices during UPA's two terms in power in retaliation for opposition's criticism of soaring fuel prices currently, BJP's  J Mishra perhaps had not imagined any backlash. The backlash came and came swift.

The BJP leader on Tuesday was quoted by news agency ANI as saying that Congress has no right to protest against the high prices of fuel currently because while mobile data was expensive during their term, it is almost free now. He also compared prices of petrol under Atal Bihar Vajpayee's government to when Manmohan Singh left office, apart from prices of ghee. "Congress talks about fuel price to criticise the government. Don't they remember their past? Petrol was Rs 29 per litre in 2004  and Rs74 per litre in 2014, Ghee Rs 130/kg in 20004 and Rs 380/kg in 2014, data charges Rs 300 for 1 GB, 100 GB at Rs300 now, call rates Rs 8/min and free with data pack today," he said.

Netizens tore into Mishra for his 'outlandish' remark - some even fearing if he would be made the finance minister of the country in the future.

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