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Workplace Wellness: 10 Tips for Good Health at Work

Workplace Wellness: 10 Tips for Good Health at Work

As most of us spend approximately a third of our time at our workplace, it’s a crucial place to cultivate good health and safety, while also maintaining our mental and physical well-being, in order to reduce stress and the risk of injury and illness, and promote great overall health. Here are some efficient ways you can practice wellness at work:

1. Personalize your workspace

Workplace wellness starts with a comfortable and stimulating environment. Whether you need additional light, a calm and quiet space, or simply an efficient organization system, make sure you set your workspace up in an intentional way, in order to promote healthy working conditions that keep you focused, inspired and productive throughout the workday.

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2. Prioritize ergonomics

Sitting in the same position for hours with improper posture can be seriously detrimental to your body. That is why it’s essential to arrange your desk, chair and computer in an ergonomically correct position, or even opt for a standing desk if you can, to reap even more health benefits while you work.

3. Decorate with plants

Apart from providing you with fresh air, simply looking at plants has been known to boost creativity, reduce fatigue, and even improve your mood, which is why it’s a good idea to decorate your desk with some beneficial greenery.

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4. Protect your vision

Staring at a computer for hours on end could put serious strain on your eyes, and even lead to dryness, headaches, and a blurry or impaired vision. In order to avoid these problems, it would be a great idea to follow the 20/20/20 rule: after every 20 minutes of looking at a computer, spend 20 seconds looking at an object 20 feet away.

5. Know your rights

If you are aware of the particular dangers of your job, you can always take precautions to reduce your risk of work-related illness or injury. However, in case you need additional protection, or simply some proper advice, it might be a good idea to contact a great compensation lawyer that will offer you information and help on workplace safety issues.

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6. Eat a healthy lunch

Workplace lunchtime can present a serious challenge to even the healthiest of lifestyles. In order to avoid the temptation of fast food, it would be helpful to construct a weekly meal plan, and prepare healthy and nutritious meals in advance, to promote positive eating habits throughout the working week.

7. Take frequent walks

If you want to stay fresh and alert throughout the day, while avoiding work burnout, it would be a great idea to take a 5 to 10-minute break every hour to simply get up and walk around your workplace. This will help you rejuvenate, focus more easily, and be more productive.

8. Go on regular vacations

Whether you are deciding what to pack for your honeymoon or simply planning for your next yearly holiday, frequent travel is one of the best and most efficient ways to escape from everyday work stress and refresh and recharge your batteries, while promoting positive health and well-being practices.

9. Cultivate positive relationships

As some of the healthiest and most productive business relationships stem from having a good connection with colleagues, make it a point to be a kind and respectful co-worker who’s a great team player, and always shows professionalism and thoughtfulness to others.

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10. Learn to manage stress

Stress can lead to anything from sleeping and concentration difficulties to depression, and even more serious health issues, which is why it’s essential to learn how to manage it, either by practicing efficient relaxation techniques or by simply doing something enjoyable to unwind at the end of the day.

While it might take some practice and a few changes to your everyday routine, staying fit and healthy at work is easy with these incredible wellness tips.

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