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Why Get Your Health Insured with National Health Insurance?

Why Get Your Health Insured with National Health Insurance?

Get Your Health Insured with National Health Insurance

Insurance is one of the most significant mandates for a citizen to safe guard himself and his family during crucial times in his life. Insurance will be based on indemnity and non-indemnity. It is very vital to have one life cover for every individual in his life for his own betterment and safety.

Apart from threat to life, threat for health is becoming increasingly high. These health issues can be treated in the best hospitals with help of national health insurance policies in India. Get a health insurance in your name to walk out your crucial times.

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It is very challenging for individuals to own an insurance cover with private insurance agencies. Hence, central government has started number of insurance policies with minimum premium but with a good coverage. National health insurance is being offered by the government to the people below poverty line.

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Check out various health insurance schemes offered by central government.

Rashtiya Swasthiya Bima Yojana:

This is introduced by the Ministry of Labour and Employment to provide health insurance coverage for below poverty line families. This is introduced with an objective to protect the BPL families from financial liabilities that are caused due to expenses of health and hospitalization. This gives extraordinary benefits to insurer and the dependents.

Employment State Insurance Scheme:

This scheme is designed to protect the socio-economic status of the workers and their dependents. This is applicable form day one of the insurance policy.Under this scheme, the insurer is entitled for variety of benefits in times of physical distress due to temporary disabilities and sickness.

This insurance policy covers the discomfort in life faced by earning incapacity.Under this policy, the dependents are entitled for monthly benefits after the death of the insured due to the reasons mentioned under the provisions of the insurance policy.

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Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana:

This is a social security scheme for rural landless households. Under this scheme, the head of the family is covered. The age of the insured should be of 18 to 59. The fund is maintained by LIC under this scheme to offer extraordinary benefits to the members of the scheme. A add-on benefit is also offered under this scheme. It is the scholarship to children.

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Janashree Bima Yojana:

This scheme is launched mainly to replace security group insurance scheme and rural group insurance scheme. Under this scheme, members of the following occupation will be covered.

  • Beedi workers

  • Carpenters

  • Cobblers

  • Fisherman

  • Hamals

  • Handloom weavers

  • Handicrafts artisans

  • Power loom workers

  • Textile

  • Printing

  • Brick kiln workers

  • Lady tailors

  • Agriculturists

  • Rural poor

  • Auto drivers and Rickshaw pullers

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Universal Health Insurance:

All the four public sector insurance companies jointly provide universal health insurance scheme for improving the access of healthcare to rural and poor families. They have redesigned this scheme which will be applicable only for BPL families. This scheme has improvised the health benefits of poor and rural people largely.

Central Government Health Scheme:

This scheme provides comprehensive health care facilities for the central government employees and pensioners. This is scheme is operational in various parts of India through various medical and wellness centers.

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Components of this scheme:

  • Hospitalization

  • Health education beneficiaries

  • Dispensary services

  • F.W & M.C.H services

  • Consultation facilities

  • Organization for procurement and storage

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