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What Are the Factors That Contribute To Happiness in A Country/Nation

What Are the Factors That Contribute To Happiness in A Country/Nation

A Short Glimpse on What Are the Factors That Contribute To Happiness in A Country

If a country flourishes and attains the title of the happiest country then there are many reasons besides this. A country can only become happy if it is free from any type of disturbances. This is a very important thing that must also be mentioned in this context. Every year the countries for the competition of happiest one are mainly selected as per their performance on economic, social and political world.

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The Main Reasons to Become Happiest Country:

The most important question that often arises and is also quite relevant in this context and subject is that what are the factors that contribute to happiness in a country? This should be judged at the first level with prior importance.

Firstly, it has been observed that money or economy, health, freedom, family and relatives are the five most important factors that essentially contribute to becoming a country happy. If a country has a good financial and stable condition then it will automatically prosper and flourish in all respect.

An economically sound country can overcome any problem at any time. At the same time, health is also a very essential one. Every year report is made as per the health condition of the residents of a country. A report is published every year that mainly focus on the number of death and birth of people.

Other Factors Contributing to the Happiness of a Country:

Besides this, it is said that each and every people have the freedom of speech and expression. Happiness is the priority of each and every person on earth. If a person is happy then a country will automatically progress and attain success.

A good life will automatically increase the lifespan of a person. This is a harsh fact and must be always borne in mind. Happiness depends on many factors. All these factors are very vital.

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Complete Overview on Happiness of a Country:

Even there are other essential factors like corruption, education and weather that are quite relevant in this context. They largely contribute to the happiness of a country. Take for example if a country is free any type of corruptions like various type of crimes, robbery, theft, or rape then the country is presumed to be happy.

Apart from this, education is also a very important one. It is very important to note that all the residents of a country must have the minimum education. Education can help a country to flourish and prosper in many ways. If a country has good and habitable whether then it enables other people to stay and reside in the country.

A country that has always a high temperature will never be appreciated as a perfect place to live in. Even a country that counts very low temperature will not be a favorite place for many people. Thus these are some of the factors that are most important for a country to be happy.

In 2018, Denmark, Finland and other countries were said to be the happiest one. Let’s hold the patience to see what happens in the present year.

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At last but not the least, if there is an educated people and educated society, that country will always be happy because this is the main factor for happiness. If you surrounded by educated people, you feel energize and feel happy and if you are not well or unhappy, see around you. Education doesn’t mean that you have a degree or certificate; education means you know your duties towards your family, towards your society and towards your nation. This will contribute to build a happy nation.

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