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Understand Why Are Some Countries Happier Than Others

Understand Why Are Some Countries Happier Than Others

Most of the well-settled and developed countries are happy than other which are underdeveloped and developing countries. With the help of most recent studies, it is found that this year the best happier country award goes to Denmark.

Apart from Denmark, there are other countries like Finland, Iceland and Switzerland is well considered as the happiest country in the world. There are several factors involves that makes the county to be happy and wealthy.

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Many people wanted to know the facts behind why are some countries happier than others in different factors like money, economic development, freedom, generosity, family and friends and so on. There are plenty of factors involves that really contributes to the nation’s happiness.

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What Makes Nation Happy:

It is well said by the researchers or economist that the significance of going beyond economic data to gauge is well considered as true well being of a society. The presence of gross domestic products is not only responsible for measuring the quality of life.

The measurement of better life index depends upon many factors education, job, society and standard of living etc. Most of the countries are well devised into several points. Like for Japanese the people mostly worry about their safety. They just give more preference for a safe and secure lifestyle.

On the other hand, the presences of Americans are more focused on gaining knowledge. They are well striving for better education. Having a good level of education finally gives a huge exposure for the people to make money and can able to raise their standard of living also.

Managing the personal and work life is also well one of the best ways to live a good standard of lifestyle. Many Americans are always well to handle their work and personal life effectively. They just give priority rant to work and life balance.

All these listed factors are determining the nation’s development. Fr the development of the country all these listed factors plays a significant role.

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Some of the most determine factors include:

  • Human resources

  • Standard of living

  • Natural resources

  • Capital Formation

  • Social and political factors

All these above factors finally serve the nation a great way to develop freely and lead to economic development of the nation. In a simple term to understand what economic development is, it refers to the progress in an economy.

The foremost important thing about improving the overall development of the entire nation well depends on the education system. The nations which are well focusing towards serving people with quality education always lead to the development of the country also.

Having a good education push the people to do something new and extraordinary from their daily life and finally can able to raise their living standard.

All the well-developed countries are willing to adopt the most advantageous and new emerged technology for the better standard of living and economic development of the country. The good adoption of new methods, tech- services, shifting from agriculture to industry-based economy and overall general improvement finally leads to the development of the entire nation.

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