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Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance

Business is an activity where people work together to reach their pre-defined targets. The activity could be any; it could be production, it could be distribution, it could be selling or it could be any services. Every business has an important role in their country's economy. We can say that all the businesses are directly responsible for that country's growth. 

There is a proverb, “You can't be successful in business without taking risks”. Every business faces various risks every day which can affect the business's profits and sometimes their goodwill. These risks are the unforeseen event which causes a business to fail. Business risks could be any; like Economic risk, Operational Risk, Legal Risk, Compliance Risk, Liquidity risk, Market risk, and Credit Risk. We will understand about Credit risk.

What is Credit Risk?

Today’s market is very competitive; to run & sustain our business is not an easy task in this environment. It is good if you make all sales in cash but practically it is not always possible. If we see around, our competitors and our customers also provide credit to their customers then you need to offer some facility to get their business. Offering credit improves your clientage and builds trust in customers but it includes a high risk of non-payment as well. It’s called Credit Risk and to mitigate this risk, Trade Credit Insurance came into the picture.

What is Trade Credit Insurance?

Trade credit insurance is known as Business Credit Insurance, Export Credit Insurance, or Credit Insurance. It is a safeguard of your company against losses sustained arising from non-payment of trade-related debts. For example, if your business supplies goods or services to other companies within India or overseas on credit terms and if your buyer is failing to pay then this Trade Credit Insurance policy will provide all the coverage on behalf of the defaulter. These kinds of risk are not in our control and Trade Credit Insurance policy reduced these kinds of risks and increases profits. This insurance is for short term account, due within 12 months.

Trade Credit Insurance is a product for business entities to protect from losses due to the insolvency of the debtors. The product is not available to individuals. Usually, the premium is charged monthly and calculated as a percentage of sales for that month or as a percentage of all outstanding receivables.

What Trade Credit Insurance Includes?

Trade Credit Insurance philosophy was born at the end of the nineteenth century when business was expanding nationally and internationally and the risk of credit arises due to currency issues, political unrest, commercial risk, etc. And it’s a bitter truth which you should know that 25% of bankruptcies are due to unpaid invoices. This is high-risk insurance for insurance service providers. Gradually a lot of things are included in this policy. 

Trade Credit Insurance includes the risk of non-payment and delay in payment. Both these risks are covered under the following conditions:

  • If the buyer fails to pay within a pre-defined time slot from the due date of the receivable
  • Protection against non-payment if the buyer becomes insolvent
  • Loss of payments during exports due to political issue.

Political issues covered under this plan are:-

  • War
  • Moratorium
  • Natural disasters like earthquake, cyclone, floods, etc.
  • License cancellation
  • Export/ import restriction
  • Transfer restrictions/ inconvertibility

Benefits of Trade Credit Insurance Policy:

  • It protects against out of your control risks
  • It improves the quality of the business
  • Protect the company’s profit and balance sheet against bad debt
  • Maintains cash flow
  • Prevents losses before they occur
  • It lets you offer credit to new customers
  • Protects investors and stakeholders
  • Insured will get better borrowing and financing options that further increase profitability
  • It optimizes bank financing and this is done by insuring trade receivables.

Who are eligible for Trade Credit Insurance?

Any business who sells their products or services on a credit basis can opt this policy. This policy can be opted by a domestic company or by an exporter. There is no restriction for any business.

What is not covered?

  • Radioactive Contamination
  • Disputes with the buyer resulting withholding of partial or full payment
  • The cost incurred in resolving disputes between the insured and the buyer
  • Any penalties or damages buyer entitled to pay
  • Any interest accruing after the original due date of payment
  • Banking cost, unless contractually agreed to be part of the amount owing from the buyer

Now we understand very well that Trade Credit Insurance is a tool which helps the companies to expand business with peace of mind. Credit risk will always be there and to protect this risk, it is a smart and wise choice to buy Trade Credit Insurance. Trade Credit Insurance plays a vital role in the trading cycle of any company. It protects profit, cash flows, sales growth, the balance sheet, and a company's customer base. It can be of great help in the growth of sales by allowing the secure development of new buyers, new markets and the credit extended to a buyer. But before you buy this product, make sure that you do a thorough groundwork and analyze your requirements then only take a decision.

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