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The Grants That Makes Lives of Single Mother A Bit Comfortable

The Grants That Makes Lives of Single Mother A Bit Comfortable

According to a survey it is seen that in the year 2017 there are 12 million households in the US which are managed by a single mother. It is also seen that majority of them live under the poverty line making life difficult for the mother and obviously for the child.

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What Is the Idea of Government Grants?

Before going into details regarding the various help that can be had from the Federal government it would be better to know what is a grant. A grant is a way through which the federal government offers financial help to the financially backward citizens of the country. The grants that are designated for single mothers are made in such fashion that they have a way to lead a life which is not bothered by financial hardship.

The Government Initiative Undertaken

The US government is aware of these facts and that is the very reason that they have made available many grants to make the lives of single mother’s easier. These grants for single mothers can be had by the needy completing simple procedures and have the ability to lead a somewhat comfortable life. It would be wise to know about such grants so that you can make them known to someone who requires such.

In the year 2017, it is seen that the US government has spent $728 billion on the welfare grants that are designed to help the poor and needy single mothers. To know in details there are 31 such single mother grants that can be availed.

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The Grants That Single Mothers Can Avail In the USA

As told there are 31such grants which single mothers can avail and make the life of the family they head comfortably. Let us have a look at some of such grants.

Community Development Block Grant Program: This is a grant program that is initiated by the federal government so that single mothers can afford a decent house to live in. The loan that can be taken through this grant can be for a period of one, two or three years.

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National Institutes for Health Grant: One can easily understand the difficulty that a single mother can face to pursue research in health studies along with maintaining a family all on her own. This grant is designed so that such single mothers can have financial assistance for pursuing their studies without any financial hardship.

Adult and dislocated worker program: This is a grant initiated by the federal government which would help single mothers who have lost a job or do not have jobs to run a family. This grant can of immense help while the single mother searches for a job.

Temporary assistance for needy families: Single mothers can apply for this hardship grants at the local or the county office of the government. This grant is specially designed to help single mothers to take care of their kids. A single mother can use the money for preparing for marriage and prepare for jobs.

Medicaid grant: If a single mom is facing financial hardship to look after the medical care of the family then this is the grant that must be sought after. The assets and the income of the mother determine whether the grant can be granted.

This program is overseen by the federal government of the states and single mom must have a look at the criteria that need to be fulfilled to have this grant.

Women, infant and child program: If a single mother is pregnant and also has a child then she qualifies for this grant. The grant allows having a monthly food stamp allowance which provides the required nutrition for the mother and the child.

Supplemental nutrition assistance program: This grant is also directed towards providing the proper nutrition to single mothers who have financial difficulties. The SNAP application is to be made to the local government authority and they having a look at the financial condition of the mother would decide whether the grant can be approved.

It is good to know that if a single mother is a legal immigrant then also this grant can be applied for.

Single Mom Grants Through Earned Income Tax Credits: Federal government has made arrangements for various grants, government assistance and tax reliefs so that single mom can make their life a bit more comfortable. EITC helps single mom to lower the tax that they owe to the government.

There are certain basic rules that need to be followed so that as a single mom can avail this grant. The single mom must be a U.S citizen above the age of 25 years and less than 65 years amongst the other criteria. A tax file has to be submitted for having this grant.

The federal government tries to help single mom through offering such grants so that each and every sphere of life is taken care of. Single mothers can easily apply for such grants as per the requirements they have.

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State education grants: This grant is managed by state governments and the criteria differ from state to state. So, a single mother wishing to have this grant need to have a talk with the local government authority so that the criteria can be fulfilled and the grant is approved.

Single mother grants From Universities and Colleges: There are many educational institutions which offer grants so that single mother can pursue their studies. The eligibility norms differ depending on the educational institution where studies need to be pursued.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid: Single mother having the educational merit but do not have the financial means to pursue university study can take help of this grant. One needs to apply between 1st January and 30th June for having this grant.

The application needs to be filled in the state where the school is located. The authorities taking into considerations the various factors will forward the application to schools willing to offer such grants.

Pell Grant: This grant is a means for having money for college studies for single mothers. The amount of grant that would be offered depends on the EFC and the college fees that required to be paid. It is seen that the average grant for each student is at least $ 5000.00.

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Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant: If the EFC scores of a single mother are zero then this is the ideal grant that can be had which is offered by the department of education of the US government. In a year a student can have almost $ 4000.

The federal government also has a look towards offering housing opportunities to the needy single mothers.

FEMA grant: If a single mother faces housing problem or has the house destroyed by natural calamity then this grant helps to have a new house. The grant amount will not be required to be given back to the government. The application must accompany all the documents so that it is not rejected.

Housing voucher programs: There are various types of housing grants under this program and a single mother is free to choose from amongst those. The application needs to be made through public housing agencies. The agency would decide whether a single mother is eligible to have such a grant.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program: Single mothers definitely want to keep their families comfortable in the house where they stay. This grant program helps them to do so. The grant would help them to take care of the energy bills and attend to the minor repairs that need to be done.

Community Development Financial Institutions Fund Programs: When a single mother wishes to start a new business then this is the ideal grant program that they can avail. The financial help offered by the federal government through this CDFI program would enable a single mother to start a new business of her own and overcome the financial hardship faced.

Small Business Administration Loans: If a single mother wishes to start a small business then this is the ideal grant that they can apply for. While applying it must be highlighted that there is a true business objective to have this grant.

Small Business Innovation Research Program: This is a grant program initiated by the federal government which is reward-based. Having funds from this program a single mother can boost the research that needs to be done so that they can be competitive.

Business Development Program: This is a grant initiated by the federal government which takes care of the business for 9 years. Small business having difficulties in performing can apply for this grant. Single mothers will be having a financial help which will enable them to earn a decent livelihood.

National School Lunch Program: This grant program does not offer financial help but allows children of single mothers to have free meals at schools.

So, it can be seen that these personal grants which are initiated by the federal government give single mothers a way to lead a comfortable life with the family that they have to look after.

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These all kinds of grant helps to single mother and this is our moral duty or social responsibility to help them because she is taking care of his child who will be future of the nation, the young generation of our nation. If a single mother can take care of his child properly then only she can provide a good citizen to the society.

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