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The fastest way to level up in the New World

The fastest way to level up in the New World

 New World Complete Leveling Guide 1-60

 In New World there are many ways to get higher levels. The limit for level 60 is 60 and you can achieve it through quests, city board assignments, mission missions for factions quests, portals with corruption and many more. The purpose of this guide is to offer you an an efficient way to reach the level of 60.

It is important to complete the quests at the beach once you are spawned in. The quests must be completed to advance to the next quest in the settlement.

Be sure to pick up the lore pages whenever you find them. They provide a lot of experience, particularly in the first few levels.

Make sure you harvest enough materials while leveling up until level 12 to get to level 30 in harvesting. You'll require 30 harvests in order to harvest Rivercress for the purpose of the main quest. Having your harvesting leveled will make it easier to save quite a bit of time from being stuck on that quest.

Minerate enough ore for your mining level up to 10 during your earlier levels. You'll need to have 10 mining levels to be able to mine silver for some of your quests.

It is possible to earn daily reward of 200% XP after finishing your first 3 mission types of the day.

Town board missions are with a 30 minute timer, so go pick them at least every thirty minutes, or as close as practical.

When hitting this main tale quest which begins in Yonas on level 12, consider the possibility of establishing yourself in Windsward. When you start your Hermit quest on level 12, make sure to pick up the quick travel point located in that region. This area a lot. You should empty your inventory as much as you can prior to speeding in order to rescue Azoth.

Be sure to stick to the main story quest. There will be points in the main story that will require you to increase your level before continuing, but it is important not to deviate too far from the primary quest and the direction it takes you.

The main story quest will reward you with an Azoth staff, which is an essential part of the game and an essential part of leveling. Be sure to get this.

Elite zones and PvP are both good ways to gain weapon mastery quickly.

Levels 1-5

Once you are spawned into Aeternum for the first time you will be greeted with a brief tutorial. If you're not interested to play through the tutorial , you are able to skipping it once you collect that box of Thorpe. Press ESC and choose "Skip onto New World".

Bear in mind that if you want to unlock a level with your sword you can remain at the beginning of the lesson and make your way to the shield enemy right before the path through the mountain. After you've killed the opponent with the shield you'll be rewarded with an enchantment point for your sword. You can then either proceed through the tutorial or go straight onto New World.

It's crucial to remember that each of the starting zones are almost identical until you reach the settlement of your choice. You cannot choose the place you start at. It's chosen randomly by you at the time you create your character.

Importantly, do not run straight into an settlement once you've spawned near the sea. If you do this , you will need to return to the beach and finish the quests prior to being able to accept any quests offered by the settlement. Do NOT skip the beach quests.

After you've arrived on the beach, you'll be compelled to immediately run to the main story quest's giver at the watchtower. He'll be marked on your mapand you'll be able to press the default key of "M" to determine where he's.

It is recommended at this point to stick to only the primary story missions that are on the beach, if you're trying to level efficiently. Do not go back to gather excess objects or kill mobs aside from some things that are listed below.

You will however, want to stop for more flint, wood and flint so you can create tools at the campfire prior to the settlement. You'll need four flints and four pieces of wood to create the tools however having some more harm. In fact, crafting and equipping these tools allows you to collect the required materials for a later quest once you get into town. This will save you from needing to take the quest on, leave town, gather the materials and return. You could simply collect them as you head to town.

Another helpful thing to get your hands on while you complete the quests on the beach is herbs. They can be used to make weak health potions that can be helpful as you progress through some early levels. It is also possible to collect Bulrush Cob along the shoreline if you encounter it. It's also used in the creation of weak health potions.

As you progress through the main storyline along the beach, it will inform you precisely where you should go and what to do. They're very simple and straightforward tasks that can boost you to levels 5 quickly. When you've completed them, the quest will send you into the nearest settlement.

Levels 5-9

While you travel into the settlement use the tools you made at the campfire in the past to collect 40 stone and 40 green wood and 16 rawhide. These materials will be utilized in one of the quests within town, and it's more efficient to gather them when you are there first time.

There is also an additional quest on the road to town. If you're able accept the quest and gather the required items quickly and without much interruption then take the task and complete it. If there's too many within the region to finish it fast, just head towards town and complete the main story quest.

When you reach town there will be the green marker on your map. It's a quest turn in marker from the previous quest on the beach. Turn in your quest. The quest will then be open to all the other quests in the town.

They are basically tutorials. They are simple to complete and require little explanation. It is as easy as going to an Inn or an exchange post, or visiting an empty storage container, and so on. The questions will help you figure out how to get there and what to do.

It is crucial, as once you finish them, you'll be granted access to your base and be able to select your faction. This will let you join a team and also flag for PvP. Flagging for PvP isn't required however, it's vital to point out that you'll get added experience when you flag and you do get an experience when you kill other players. PvP is also an excellent way to level up your weapons.

Although flagging for PvP will increase XP, but the risk of dying or being inefficient is also an issue. The decision to flag or not flag is an individual choice moving forward.

The quests within the settlement don't take too long to complete and will get you up to roughly level 9 when you complete them. When you've completed them, you'll be able to select your faction.

Make sure you complete the first faction quest before you enable the ability to accept faction-based missions going forward.

Levels 9-18

At this point you will be prompted to head to Windsward. There, you can pick up the quests that are available to side quests within the settlement, your faction missions and town board missions. Run a loop completing these quests until you have reached the level of 12.

When you are running your quest loop, ensure that you have leveled up your harvesting until you reach 30. It is recommended to harvest 30 times to finish a quest approximately level 14-16 to complete this main adventure. Also , mine ore along the process to boost your mining up to at least level 10 , so you can mine silver ore to complete another quest later on at levels 15 and up.

Once you hit level 12 you will be able to go to Yonas (the Old man by the River) to start the main storyline. As you move through the main quest line , ensure you've completed all those side-quests and faction tasks and town board mission as you go along so that you're able to meet the level requirements in the primary quest. Town board missions reset at every thirty minutes.

Don't go a long distance to finish a side quest, faction mission, and town-board mission. Keep to the main story line as much as you can.

The main story has you to Aeternum It's essential to keep pushing the main story's main quest. Make sure you're picking up any points for travel that are fast (these are available on this page by searching for Cities and Other and Spirit Shrine) and walking into nearby settlements to obtain the fast travel points there as well.

Continue down the main story as well as the side quests and faction mission, as well as the towns board's missions loop, until you can complete the quest to kill Ezra the Forgemaster. This is when you'll require the mining skill that was discussed before in our guide.

In this main adventure you must acquire the consecrated Cross Pieces for the Azoth staff. You must acquire five silver ingots in order to get this crosspiece. Azoth staff crosspiece

Once you have the ingots, you are required to go through the "Argent and Aerther" Quest. You have to visit at the Amrine Temple to forge your Azoth Staff crosspiece. It is here that you be killed by Ezra The Forgemaster. Once the mob has been defeated, it is time to take a trip to the Forge located in the corner to create the item. After that, return to the hermit.

It is now possible to forge the staff of your Azoth Staff. It is imperative to purchase the staff. It will be used heavily throughout the rest of your stage-up process. Just go to The Shattered Obelisk, enter the first entrance as you go through the stairs, and make the staff forging at the forge straight ahead.

Then you will be able to return to the hermit and should be about level 18 by this date.

Levels 18-23

If, at level 18, you have obtained your Azoth staff, you are likely to need to grind up to level 23. Level 23 is an important level because you will unlock the ability to gain access to the Amrine Excavation. You will be able to complete the quest that is repeatable, Bones for Barkimedes and after that, you will be able to carry on the main storyline with an adventure called Destiny Unearthed.

To move up to level 23 it is necessary to play a mix of both PvP and PvE factions along with side quests or town board mission are the way to go. You are going to want to do these in Windsward in order to unlock additional quests like Towering Tools which leads into the quest Seeing Clearly. Looking Clearly is an additional quest that you will be able to run when you are in your Amrine Expedition. If you have this quest completed, you'll be able to save quite a bit of time, and also gain plenty of exp from the first time you run through Amrine.

When you are in your Windsward settlement, take on the town board tasks that are going to be worth it XP wise, get all the faction quests (if you'd rather not participate in PvP quests, you're fine, but be aware that it will take longer to progress) as well as every side quest available. Map your location, draw your route using the quest markers on your map so that you can complete one quest and proceed into the next one without having to travel for a long distance between quests.

It's not recommended you grind mobs within this level range. There are not really any top elite zones which are appropriate and make sense for your level, so stay with the previous quests until you reach the level 23.

Levels 23-30

When you reach level 23, you'll need to head over to the Amrine Excavation. If you're in possession of enough Tuning Orbs, running Amrine many times in order until you're at 30 is ideal. You might want to prepare groups so you'll have plenty of orbs. After you've used the orb it is consumed and you need to purchase a new one, or find someone who has one. Plan ahead by forming a group will help you reduce the time spent looking for a group or looking for someone with a tuning orb.

It is recommended to make sure that you go to Deadman's Cove in Monarch's Bluff every day at least However, you must do this during the time of leveling you can receive the Elite Crates that will give you lots of great loot. Deadman's Cove is an open world Elite zone brimming with Lost mobs. Between Amrine runs it's also ideal to run town board missions. They reset every 30 minutes.

Also prior to hitting level 30, make sure you visit Everfall and take on side quests in order to get The Led by Stars quest, into the Center of the Stars, into the Foreman's Ledger. The quests are provided by William Heron The Foreman's Ledger is a quest for Amrine that must be completed to unlock a follow up quest to the Starstone Barrows that you will require for the next leveling stage. When you complete the Foreman's ledger, it will also award you with a tuning orb to Amrine which allows you to go on with your Amrine runs.

Once you have entered Amrine be sure to have the quest Destiny Uncovered from the Hermit so that you can continue the main story and then go through the Bones for Barkimedes game that can be repeated from Barkimedes who is just on the outside of the dungeon. You should also have the above quest from Windsward called Seeing Clearly, and at time, you will be able to complete an answer to the Foreman's Ledger quest and get it completed.

If you run out of tuning orbs, join a group of players and head towards Deadman's Cove to grind out some levels. It's a great spot to build up your arsenal and also.

There is also the possibility of running corrupted portals in the event that they're in the game. They can provide you with plenty of experience, decent loot for your level, a fair amount of Azoth, and some corrupted pieces of slivers that can be used for crafting.

Ideally, however, you'll need to play Amrine and the quest that is repeatable Bones for Barkimedes as often as feasible up to 30.

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