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Taking Care Of Orphans: Logic to Donate Money to Orphans in India

Taking Care Of Orphans: Logic to Donate Money to Orphans in India

The frenetic activity in the shelter does not stop. In a room, several children perform a play. In another room, they attend a workshop on education in values. In the courtyard, they decorate doors, walls and poles with garlands and balloons to celebrate Diwali, the Hindu calendar light festival (equivalent to the Western New Year).

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The Roaming Children

The infants scurry merrily from one place to another in the shelter, a children's shelter in the heart of the most populated and unequal city in India: Bombay. And an oasis for dozens of children in a marginal situation in a country with at least 30 million orphans.

What They Say

"Here I have my family and I have a great time because I play and I learn," says Gokul Sunil Godeshkar the only time he sits down to chat and shortly before he goes off to have fun with other children.

Their Families

His family in the Hostel Half an hour before, this whirlwind of 11 years was presented with respect to the visitor and took him by the hand to visit the premises of the hostel as the best ambassador of this dean host institution that has centers in a dozen Indian cities.

Behavioral Issues

Hyperactivity is, along with behavioral problems and low pro-social behavior, one of the main emotional barriers of Indian orphans, according to a study published in the Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine. Their welfare stays in the hands of the people who donate money to orphans in India.

Psychiatric Explanations

The psychiatrist explains that there are different shelters for orphans in India: the shelters assigned to the Child Welfare Committee, the centers for juvenile delinquents and the private non-registered institutions to whom you can donate money to orphans in India.

The disparity of centers corroborates the absence of standardized figures and studies in relation to the number of orphaned children in India and the institutions that host them.

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Control in centers that host millions

The care received by children from the center is an exception in the Asian country. "Exploitation, sexual and psychological violence, and abuse in foster homes and orphanages is common," described an article by Save the Children on India published in 2017. In June, for example, the ongoing rape of 40 girls was reported. in a center administered by the Government of the State of Bihar.


The lack of supervision over the state of children in India had even greater impact when the sale of babies was discovered in a hospice of the Sisters of Charity of Ranchi, capital of Jharkhand State.

For three years, the Catholic congregation has not been linked to the new adoption system in India because it allows single, divorced or separated people to participate. Before this case of irregular adoptions and trafficking of children, the Ministry of Development of Women and Children admitted before the Supreme Court that only 33% of the shelters are registered.

The legal Ventures

Both cases highlight the ineffectiveness of the Children's Act of 2000, which required the identification and registration of all shelters in India. After a ruling by the Supreme Court in 2013, a government study that ended last year was finally initiated. However, the data is still to be analyzed by the Ministry of Development of Women and Children after 18 years of non-compliance with the law.

We can make them alive to providing basic necessity like food, cloth, medicine, shelter, etc. But we cannot make their future because lot of Orphans Centers are not registered and are involved in illegal activities. If government do take some strong action and control everything, might be nation will find some brilliant, minded and talented people who can contribute to make nation.

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