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Support/Help Get Do Help Team to Support Needy People Online Worldwide

Support/Help Get Do Help Team to Support Needy People Online Worldwide

Support Get Do Help Team to Support Needy People Worldwide

How to Support Get Do Help Team?

Currently we are continue with management of Get do help portal on which any needy people can register and describe his need. We will help him by our end and will explore in all over world to attract people and donators to help him by any ways he want.

We have completed designing and development work (Many other sections are under constructions like shopping cart on which seller can offer his products on discounted price and any one can buy them from credits or money here .... many other features will come slowly who will help needy people by many ways, like by donate things, donate money, buy credits etc.)

We are offering three types of buy credits. If you want to help us with security of your funds then you can use our Buy credits package. Details are as below.

  1. Buy Credits for Advertisement : We offer advertisement for very reasonable coast in starting because we just started our portal and growing traffics day by day. So right now you can get our advertisement package at discounted price on monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly basis. To know more check our Advertise with us packages
  2. Buy Credits for Money Return Offer : With this offer we are offering you to buy credits and leave it for 6 months or 1 years, after one years you can apply for withdraw your money to your back account or can donate other needy people or can use for advertisement also. We will give you also 1% to 2% (Depend on total value) at time of return. This section is to help or support Get Do Help Team to explore services more and more ASAP. To know more check our Buy Credits Packages.
  3. Buy Credits for Personal Use :  This section is for your personal use. You can buy credits to use personally like for mobile recharge, D2h Recharge, buy products, Hotel Booking in any where in world and many more things in future.

Donate Us to Explore our Portal Worldwide to Reach More Needy People

If you want to share your hand with us then you can donate us. We will save and share all details online so you can ask us any time regarding use of your donation and we will send you details. Generally our plan is to do help needy verfied people worldwide from our earning, We are managing currently small team but in future we need more members and stuffs also to manage our portal. So please help us as much as possible by donate money or things with us and help needy people. If you want to donate then please doante us from Donate us page.

Why We Need your Support Currently?

Currently we are managing Developer and support team for this portal from our own end. We designed and developing Get do help portal since February 2018 and now its ready to launch. Many features on which our team are working and will launch in future with same portal. Now we are going to launch mobile applications also for same portal on Android and IOS both. Your support will help us to launch applications more sooner than our expectation.

Currently we are using shared server  with SSL and we need to manage VPS with SSL for fast and smooth browsing.

Currently we tie up with courior service provider for many metro cities in India and for recieve and send things worldwide according to request we need to tie up with internation delivery provider company.

Need to Expand our team and volunteer to India level and then worldwide. This team will help us to provide our services or help to geuine people only. Currently we are talking on phone and verifing with documents to needy people. So we have to expand our team very soon.

Help Needy People by Explore and Share Our Portal on Social Media

If you can not donate money or things then no issue, you can help needy people and our team also by share our portal on Social media like on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc and for this you will recieve credits also. You can use your earn credits to recharge your mobile, D2H etc in future.

So now choose your ways to help Get Do help Portal and help needy people. Share your hand with us and if we will work as a team then we can make more people happier in future in all over world.

Note : Right now we are offering 1 credits equal to 1 INR.

If you have any suggestion then please feel free to suggest us by mail us at or got our Suggestion page for suggest us. We always welcome suggestion to improve our services to do social work.

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