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Let's Help the Women Before the World Loses the Grace of Love

Let's Help the Women Before the World Loses the Grace of Love

Women are the source and the center of the family. You can’t deny the fact the family is created by the woman. The man is naturally a wanderer and vagabond. Since the ancient times, the woman has created the union that we all know as the family. And she is the life givers; of course, the mother is the epitome of love, right?

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But somehow, the men have managed to suppress the creativity of woman and made her go through violence, humiliation and a host of heart-wrenching atrocities. Traditionally, the men have ceased the power and privilege of acquiring the wealth from the woman and made her dependent on the men and society which is why they get exploited.

So do help worldwide and let women flourish; believe it, without the women, the life will lose the beauty; perhaps, that is why men say that “women are the most beautiful creation of the god” but this conviction only remains as a verbal assertion; in reality, the women are poor, dependent and mistreated.

How can we bring a radical revolution?

The revolution happens right at this moment; it is not a continual process. We have to understand that when we make the woman self-sufficient, things can turn from ugly to beautiful. The domestic violence in India is a serious problem and a lot of women do not ask for divorce just because they are not capable of running their lives and tolerate the inhumane violence throughout their life; that is a disgrace to their dignity.

So, donate money for needy people and empower women so that we can have a society where love, tenderness, affection, and beauty are the defining philosophies, not the animalistic brutalities. We can go on running awareness campaigns but it is not going to change anything as long as we do not touch the center of the problem

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If you look closely at the violence and atrocities that the women go through, you are bound to stumble up the fact that more than the patriarchic mindset, it is the poverty and lack of money that make people exploit women. And women submit her to the violence; unfortunately, the women have been conditioned to live in the utter state of turmoil.

The crux of the matter is; we have to empower women on a financial level, they need resources, money, job, and respect and all these things will be possible only when we take the responsibility of helping women to break those imposed limitations. Yes, we can solve this problem only when we reach the root of the problem and that is wealth.

So, donate things for needy people and be compassionate towards the weak gender. Hang on, why do we take the woman as a weak gender? Are they really weak or the man wants her to be weak? Of course, man is afraid of women; that is why he becomes violent. The violence is the byproduct of fear; perhaps, that is why the tigers and lions do not often get violent.

Therefore, help women to reestablish her lost glory and create a world that respects women and you will feel dignified. Let’s get help worldwide and glorify the beauty of love and compassion. 

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