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Learn the Efficient Way to Do Cricket Betting (Satta)

Learn the Efficient Way to Do Cricket Betting (Satta)

Despite the fact that cricket is the second most watched sports game, it has almost a billion fans around the world. Everyone loves to watch favorite teams playing and winning against others to reach on top. To take this skill to the next level and to earn some profit out of it, you can choose cricket betting. Lots of people earn a good amount out of their interest in the same.

If you want to make a bet and don't want to lose it, then you should stay selective and learn the art. Instead of betting money on the random team or the interest, you should think in a different manner. It will be a great idea to have a look at the below-mentioned tips. These are top 5 impressive tips which can make your cricket betting better and it can help to earn extra.

1. Do Not Guess

The first thing everyone should learn about cricket betting is, don't guess. You may emotionally bet money on the team you love, but it is the wrong way. Even, you should not follow others. Try to check out the score, a number of wickets gone and the number of balls. It will be a great choice and you can find this method way more helpful.

2. Do some math

To know that which team will win, you can create own formulas or try the method mentioned here. Just know that how much balls runs are required and consider the number of balls. Still, it will be early to guess so you should know the number of batsmen left behind. If the required run is double the number of balls and there is still batsman at the pitch, you can place a bet with ease.

3. Don't exceed the limit

To keep placing bets in the future and never going bankrupt, you have to limit your habit of placing higher bets. Always place the amount that you can easily afford to lose and if you don't win then decrease the amount in next time. It will let you stay safe and keep in betting easily. Most of the experts are using such methods and you can also try it out now.

4. Do not copy

If someone gives your insight that any specific team will win and it is the confidential news from insider sources then don't believe. It will be better to know what your mind says. In case, the source is genuine and always have quality leaks then you should try them. But, do not place a big amount otherwise it can be risky for sure.

5. Know the rates

The rate is always higher for the team that is going to lose and it will be easy to place the best bet. So, you should start to bet when the first team has played the inning and second inning is in the middle. You can't get the best rates, but you will be playing in the safe zone. Staying safe is hard in the sports betting and this method can definitely help you out and eradicate all the issues.

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Although the fact is that Betting (Satta) is illegal in India and even many countries. Only South Africa and United Kingdom have a legal system. In India, this kind of activity comes under money laundering and it’s a crime also. According to the All India Gaming Federation, India loses almost 2 Lakh Crore every year, due to illegal betting on cricket. Lot of people arrested every year and many of them lost their lives if they lost the betting. Many players also have been identified and they have been banned life time. As per my view, a sport is sports; it involves your name, your family’s name and your country’s name so do not spoil everything for just few bugs. Let it be sports then viewers can enjoy seeing the actual and natural game.

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