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Know the Reasons Why the Rich Should Help the Poor

Know the Reasons Why the Rich Should Help the Poor

The road to be covered between the poor and rich keeps on becoming wider. While there are people who have ample of money that is impossible to spend in a lifetime; there are others who are not able to fulfill their basic needs.

Across the world, there are people who starve to death due to lack of food, lack of shelter, hazardous diseases and much more. These situations give rise to a question: why not these affluent people understand it as their duty to help those who are poor or in distress. In simple, poverty is one of the reasons why the rich should help the poor.

Why the affluent people should help the poor

It is the moral obligation of the rich class to help the needy, poor and those who can’t afford bread and butter even once during the day. Don’t take it negatively!! But, if you will invest a certain percentage of your income in helping the poor, this will help purchase the contraceptive device, increase education opportunities thus helping in population control and more and more people becoming well educated. This can also decrease the rate of population growth thus saving the precious environmental resources from depletion.

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An end to absolute poverty

Another important reasons why the rich should help the poor is it helps eradicate poverty to an absolute end. This will help people become economically sound, socially responsible and medically fit. The perfect combination of all three will lead to a clean environment and help control overpopulation.

When there will be ample educational resources available, their kids will study and in turn will do something for the society and the nation as a whole.

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Conservation of the resources

More people mean the destruction of environmental resources at a rapid pace. So if we think from the conservative point as to why the affluent class should help the poor, it is that there will be less stress on the naturally occurring resources. There will be less deforestation, less depletion of the fertile soil. To let people die of poverty is to waste resources.

A matter of human rights

The obligation to help the poor is a matter of human rights and humanity. When you can spend a large chunk of your earnings to take care of your pet then why is wrong in helping the humans. Likewise pets, humans also have basic rights.

Instead, they should be treated with the utmost respect and should be given more priority than animals. They should be given better surroundings to live than those animals. If it is a crime to kill a person, then morally allowing someone to die due to lack of food is more than a heinous crime.

Therefore, rich people should give a certain portion of their wealth to the poor out of moral responsibility not as a compulsion or forcefully. This will surely help in eradicating poverty across the world, increase the level of education and awareness and prevent people from dying due to lack of food – a basic necessity.

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