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Know the Facts about What Makes A Country Happy

Know the Facts about What Makes A Country Happy

A country is full of different culture, old rituals and little old spicy things. A country is different from another one due to culture, language and their fashion. Every country is trying the best to move forward and become the best one. You may have wondered that what a country needs to be happy? Well, the answer to this question lies in many points.

To evaluate the right answer, you can look at the below given five factors. These factors will let you know that what makes a country happy and developed.

1. Jobs and Opportunities

There is nothing more important than work because it gives you livelihood and all other necessary things. If the people of a country are not able to get the job they want or they are not able to earn the minimum for the living, then they are not going to be happy. So, every country needs a system which ensures that everyone is getting the right job as per skills.

2. Medical Care

A country with a proper hospital and number of doctors is enough to help patients. In case, there is a higher number of patients and there is no one to help then people will die due to bad health and such other diseases. The number of deaths due to disease and lower awareness can be considered here. So, medical care is the next important thing to make a country healthy and happy.

3. Transportation

This factor is all about proper roads and their maintenance. Every country has metro cities with good roads. But, are these available in villages and such other places. It helps people go from one place to another. Even, it is necessary everywhere. So, transportation is the next more important thing that can be considered here. It makes people happy and lives without any flaw.

4. Social Relation

Due to different culture and rituals, facing issues about it is very common. In such cases, the mutual understanding and social relation is everything. Everyone should be happy and he/she should not disrespect another person. It will make the place better to live and the more social you are, the better country will be.

5. Crime Rate

It is the last factor in this post where the crime rate can be considered due to two reasons. The higher crime rate means lower security and irresponsible police or a corrupt staff. Every country should have a responsible and good staff who do not take the bribe and focus on the care of society. Such countries are definitely going to get better and keep everyone happy.

Considering all the factors, you can say that a good system can help in it. If there is a lower corruption rate and everyone is earning good enough to get satisfied then there is no need to worry about. Even, the young generation is the future so they should take the step against corruption and help to make the country better. It will be a hard step but it will make the country work on betterment and keep everyone happy.

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