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Importance and Process of Eye Donation

Importance and Process of Eye Donation

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Human body has five sense organs; Ear, Nose, Tongue, Skin and Eye. Eyes are one of the most important sensory organs in our body. We perceive up to 80 per cent of all impressions by means of our sight. Eyes have power to see the beauty of God. Eyes are the gift of God. Those who are not able to see for any reason feel that their life is incomplete. They can touch and feel the things, they can taste the foods, they can hear the voice and they can smell the air but they cannot see.

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There is a quote, "The eye is the window to the world, at the same time, it is the window of the soul."

A study says, till 2015 there were 940 million people with some degree of vision loss. 246 million had low vision and 39 million were blind. The majority of peoples with poor vision is in the developing world and they are over the age of 50 years. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 80% of visual impairment is either preventable or curable with treatment.

Statistics show that there are 15 million blind people in India and out of this, 6.8 million people are suffering from corneal blindness.

eye and cornea

What is Corneal blindness?

The cornea is a clear tissue, covering outermost layer of the eye, which is in dome-shaped. The black part of the eye called the Iris. The cornea is highly sensitive. It receives nourishment from tears. Cornea is a focusing element of the eye. If the cornea is cloudy then the vision is dramatically reduced or lost. This loss of the vision is referred to as Corneal Blindness. It is the 4th most common cause of blindness all over the world, accounting for over 5% of the total blind population. Several corneal diseases affect children and adults and can affect both eyes making them blind.

When the eye is affected only by corneal diseases, replacing this part will restore the vision. Corneal replacement is an easy and simple surgery.

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cause of corneal blindness


The most common causes of visual impairment are:

  • Refractive Error

  • Cataract

  • Glaucoma

  • Age related macular degeneration

  • Corneal Opacification

  • Diabetic Retinopathy

  • Childhood Blindness

  • Trachoma

  • Undetermined

Why should we donate eyes?

There is an importance of donation in human culture specially in Indian culture. Some people donate Cow, some people donate their love one’s dead body, some people donate their blood, some people donate their organs, some people donate eyes, etc.

Eye donation is an act of donating one’s eyes after his/her death. It is an act of charity, purely for the benefit of the society and is totally voluntary. Around 39 million people are blind and most of can be cured and almost 60% are children below the age of 12. So, if we have got God's gift of Vision then why not donate it to somebody who doesn't have it? If you donate your eyes, two persons can see the world with your eyes.

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Facts about eye donation

  • Eyes can be donated only after death

  • Eyes must be removed within 4 - 6 hours after death

  • There would be no disfigurement, no change on face and in eyes also

  • Eyes can be removed by a registered medical practitioner only

  • The eye bank team will visit the home of the deceased or the hospital to remove the eyes

  • Procedure of Eye removal takes 20-30 minutes only

  • A small quantity of blood will be drawn to rule out communicable diseases

  • The identities of both the donor and the recipient are kept confidential

Who can donate eyes

  • Eye donors can be any age group or sex

  • People who use spectacles, short sightedness, long sightedness or astigmatism or even those operated for cataract can still donate, as these conditions may not affect the cornea

  • Patients who are diabetics, those suffering from hypertension, asthma patients and those without communicable diseases can also donate eyes

Who cannot donate eyes

Persons who were infected with or died from AIDS, Hepatitis B or C, Rabies, Acute Leukemia, Tetanus, Cholera, Jaundice, Gangrene, Brain Tumor, Food Poisoning, Septicemia, Cancer, Meningitis or Encephalitis cannot donate eyes.

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To donate eyes, the following procedures should be done by the relatives of the deceased

  • Close the eye lids of the deceased

  • Switch off the fan if any, directly over the deceased person

  • Raise the head about six inches of the deceased with a pillow underneath.

  • Covered the eyes with moist cotton

  • Contact the nearest eye bank as quickly as possible

  • Eye donation can be done only with the written consent of the next of kin in the presence of two witnesses.

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eye is window to world and window of soul

After eye donation, the donor’s family receives a certificate of appreciation from the eye bank. The eyes are taken to the eye bank and evaluated by a trained eye bank staff. Tests are carried out and the tissue is sent to the corneal surgeon. The waiting list is referred and the recipient is called for corneal transplant and then corneal transplant is perform. Periodic follow-up of the recipient is done over time to ensure that the graft is successful. The identities of both the donor and the recipient are kept confidential.

Some interesting facts about Eyes:

  • Our eyes are made up of over 200 million working parts

  • Each eye contains 107 million cells and all are light sensitive

  • Seven million ‘cones’ in the eyes helps us see different colours and details while the 100 million ‘rods’ helps us distinguished between black and white

  • Eyes remain the same size from birth

  • In a year, human being blink 4,200,000 times on an average

  • Human beings see with their brain not with their eyes. Human eyes function like a camera, capturing light and sending data back to the brain

  • Eyes become tired when you read or stare at a computer because you blink less often

  • The world’s most common eye colour is brown

  • The human eye can see about 10 million different colours

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Interesting facts about eyes

The latest mobile right now is having around 48-50 mega pixels camera and the resolution of the human eye is 576 Mega Pixels. You can differentiate as this is huge mega pixel. Take care of your eyes till the time you alive and after that donate your eyes. One pair of eyes gives vision to TWO corneal blind people. You can bring joy and happiness to a dark life and after death also your eyes can see the world.

As per report, India’s death rate is 9,778,073 per year (7.3 deaths/1,000 population) and almost 6.8 million people are suffering from corneal blindness in India. It means if all relatives of deceased person donate eyes of deceased person, corneal blindness will be cure within a year.

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If you want to live after death also then must donate your eyes and see world after death from another body and get lots of wishes. Eye donation is very important because lots of peoples are living in dark because he can not see color or world due to blindness of multiple reason.

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