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How to Reduce Tummy Fat and Lose Weight Without Gym

How to Reduce Tummy Fat and Lose Weight Without Gym

Health should be always 1st priority in our life. Because without a healthy body a person can’t be full confident in the life. And to become healthy our body weight should be balanced according to the height. In our whole body removing tummy fat is the biggest challenge. Many people spent much time in exercise to reduce the tummy fat. But exercise can burn only 20% rest of 80% dependents on our eating habits and on our life style. It does not mean that you should not do exercise but it means that you should change your life style and eating habits.

It will be great if you can follow a proper diet chart with the exercise. You should try to avoid taking junk food and soft drinks. They both play a big role to increase fat into body. Also they make you unhealthy. In the early morning when you wake up you should take a glass of warm water and if it is possible mix a table spoon of honey and lemon juice with it. It improves your digestive system also. You should never miss your morning breakfast. Many people avoid breakfast because they think that they are avoiding extra calories. But this wrong, even morning breakfast helps to increase metabolism also provide essential nutrients to the body. Following is the list of dos and avoids that help to reduce your tummy fat and extra body fat:

What should you do:

  1. Go to bad on time so that you can wake up early in the morning.
  2. Do exercise at least for 45 min. or go for a walk at least 4 KM daily.
  3. Drink at least 2 liter water daily.
  4. Take stairs instead of using lift.
  5. Avoid whole wheat flour and use multi grain flour.
  6. Take plenty of green vegetables and fruits.
  7. Add salad with your lunch and dinner.
  8. Eat protein diet also.
  9. Keep sweets away.

What should be avoid:

  1. Don’t take fried food, processed food and sodas.
  2. Avoid alcohol.
  3. Don’t try to do excess exercise.
  4. Don’t go hungry.

With all of the above things you should be stress free in your life. Also every thing takes time so don’t think that extra fat and weight can be reduced in couple of weeks. You should keep patience and you will see very good result if you follow all the suggestions, and with the reduced belly or tummy you will get energetic mind and body.


We need to change our life style specially eating habit. Reducing tummy is not a easy task. It is a big battle which cannot over in a overnight. You have to take patience and do some required efforts and one most important thing is your positive attitude then no one can stop you. If you follow above steps and change your life style, you will see some positive results very soon otherwise a tummy fat having lot of problems and diseases. If you cannot control or reduce it, you will be depended on medicine in near future.

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