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How to Prevent Malnutrition?

How to Prevent Malnutrition?

A larger percentage of the world population suffers from malnutrition due to inadequate food and nutrition. Poverty and malnutrition is something that is connected to each other and it is a great deal of a task to eradicate both. Every year there is heart wrenching stories of people dying out of hunger, starvation and malnutrition. When it comes to a child, a good nutrition helps in proper growth and development or else it leads to disease, weakness and inability to grow and develop properly.

Unfortunately, number of children death is related to malnutrition. There are many ways by which you can contribute to the society and play an important role in eradicating malnutrition. There are organizations like UNICEF that give and get help worldwide and have been fighting to make the world free from malnutrition and providing food to everyone. The best way to fight malnutrition is to donate food and feed the poor. Every poor family needs food and nutrition and you can help by providing support in terms of food to the poor. There are many schools that are not able to afford food for children.

You can contribute and reduce the problem of starvation and malnutrition by providing mid day meals to the children. Also when you donate money for needy people it helps them to support their family and provide them with good food and nutrition. Along with that you can also distribute multi-nutrient supplements that take care of the requirement of the micro-nutrients deficiencies. The multi-nutritional powders and vitamins or supplements are best ways to supply and provide the needy one their daily dietary requirement.

A lot of people especially living in scanty and shabby conditions suffer from malnutrition also due to many medical conditions. De-worming is again a way to help reduce malnutrition and in this process the intestinal worms are removed. The intestinal worms are common cause of infection amongst lot of people and it feeds on the nutrition not allowing the individual to gain the benefit of the food. By providing medical help, worms can be removed from the body of most the children and hence the child is able to consume the essential nutrients and this reduces malnutrition.

There are lot of ways and services through whom you can donate things for needy people, etc. You can donate food, medicines, vitamin or nutritional supplements to eradicate or at least try to reduce the malnutrition. One important strategy is food fortification which includes addition of important vitamins and minerals to food and helps in fulfilling the daily nutrition of the people suffering from malnutrition.

Information and awareness is again another thing which helps in fighting malnutrition. Many organizations do help worldwide by helping with research and development by production of high nutrition yielding crops. It is believed that more there is an increase in the agricultural production, it helps in bringing down the price of the food and this makes the overall cost of food less. This helps even the poor to purchase food and beat hunger and malnutrition.


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