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How to Compare Car Insurance in India to Buy Policies

How to Compare Car Insurance in India to Buy Policies

Buying a car insurance plan might look like yet another regular affair but in reality, it is not because it is sometimes tricky to understand the insurance converge and the terminologies.

Essentially, you should be looking for the best plan for your car and for that, you might be thinking about how to compare car insurance in India. But before that, you should understand what all the car insurance covers.

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Understanding the car insurance coverage:

24 x 7 Break-Down Services: If your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere then you can get towing service under certain insurance policies.

Cashless Repair: Some plans offer you cashless repair at selected and specific garages across the country.

Third Party Property Damage: Some policies allow you to extend your third party liability up to INR 7, 50 and 000 with extra premium.

Nil Depreciation: You can get the depreciation of the car parts completely waived by paying a little extra premium.

Engine Projection: You can get insurance for higher level of protection to safeguard your engine against damages.

The above points are the features that could be found in insurance plans for auto insurance. However, you should know the types of insurance plans available for your car.

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Types of car insurance:

Third Party Liability Car Insurance: The first party is the owner of the car who buys the insurance from the second party which is the insurance company to protect himself/herself against the claims of the third party that could be passengers, driver of another vehicle or a pedestrian.

This insurance covers bodily injury, property damage or other loses caused by your vehicle and it is mandatory to have third party insurance to roll you car on Indian roads.

Comprehensive Car Insurance: This is not obligatory insurance; in fact, it is optional insurance that is designed to give you higher level of protection against accidents, fire, storms, theft and vandalism. And it also can take care of the third party claims too.

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How to get the compare the insurance plans:

Now, since you are aware of the policy and the types of policies, you should find out how to compare car insurance in India because this can help you in getting the right plan.

The reputation of the insurance service provider: Since there are a number of insurance companies offering auto insurance, you are likely to get a range of products from various insurances service providers. Hence, it is important to find out the company that offers you the best insurance coverage.

Claim settlement ratio: Since you are looking for financial assistance by your insurance service provider in case of accidents, you need to find a service provider that has a better claim settlement ratio. A better claim settlement ratio would mean you are more likely to get the claims approved.

Have a brief look at the auto insurance companies: There are a number of insurance companies in India that includes HDFC ERGO Car Insurance, United India Insurance Company Limited, ICICI Lombard Car Insurance and many others. Make sure that you look at each company’s products before buying insurance.

The above-stated points should be able to help you in finding the right car insurance for your vehicle. Make sure that you compare rightly before buying the insurance policy for your car.

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