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How Do Crunches Help Get A Flat Stomach?

How Do Crunches Help Get A Flat Stomach?

Staying healthy and fit is very important. Doing regular exercise and eating right is the key to good health. Crunches tighten the muscle and even flatten your stomach.

Achieving a flat stomach is not an easy task. It needs time, dedication and patience. But, if you want to target the only stomach, then it is a question do crunches help get a flat stomach?

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Steps to follow and achieve flat stomach

  1. Cardio Exercise
    Cardio exercise like jumping rope and dancing reduce excess weight. To lose belly fat, it is the best exercise. Choose 30-minutes slot for cardio exercises, or you can split the exercise session as per your comfort.
  2. Non-traditional crunches 
    Bicycle crunches are helpful to achieve the target fast. Lie on your back and pull the knees at 45-degree angle. You must tighten the abs and slowly lift the shoulder from the mat. Keep your hands at the back of your head. Now, touch the left knee with right elbow and vice versa. Slowly, increase the speed in a bicycle motion.Repeat the exercise 10 times.
  3. Core Strengthening
    The torso muscles keep the body stabilized and strong. If you have muscle mass, then it tightens the stomach fast. To strengthen the core, you can perform plank and vacuum exercises. For plank- lie on your tummy and extend your legs. Now, give force on your forearm and lift your body and keep the body parallel to the ground. Hold up the position for 60 seconds.

    For vacuum- place your body on the mat and keep all the weights on the knees and hands. Exhale when you pull in your stomach and inhale when pushing out the stomach.
  4. Dietary Plan
    You cannot achieve a flat stomach with a poor diet. You can cut down sweets, sugar, bad fatty foods from your diet. Also, you need to include healthy fats, low-fat dairy, nuts, fruits and vegetables.

How to do stomach crunch exercise?

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Step 1

Lie on the floor on your back. Fold your legs but keep the feet flat on the floor. You can either keep the hands on the side or over your chest. You need to take slow breathe and lift the shoulder up and bring forward. Repeat for 10 times and perform in 3 sets. Also, take 30-second rest in between sets.

Step 2

You can also perform crunch in leg raise position. Lie on your back and slowly lift your leg up. You need to keep your legs straight in the air. Keep your hands at the back of your head. Now raise your shoulder up and come forward. During the exercise, you need to breathe slowly. You should not hold the breath while doing a crunch.

Essential to know about crunch exercise

If you are new to crunch exercise, then watch the videos of the exercise or do it under the trainer’s guidance. Stretching exercise is a must before and after a workout to avoid injury. Now you must get the answer to your question do crunches help get a flat stomach. Right!

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Make your diet plan also to reduce your stomach. Do not eat fatty food, eat small portion of food in a time interval and do not eat too much food. Tummy is a house of many diseases. Make sure that should control otherwise it is a invitation of lot of problems then it will be very difficult to handle.

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