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A Small Glimpse on Some of the Happiest Countries or Lands in World

A Small Glimpse on Some of the Happiest Countries or Lands in World

In the present era, it is really very hard to hear about happiest countries. There are some countries that are really happy in all aspects. Happiest in the sense means, that the countries that are free from any political disturbance or interference. Each year some group of countries is selected as the happiest countries. They get good fame and popularity at the same time.

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List of Happiest Countries:

In the present year, Finland has snatched the title of happiest countries of the world. The second one is Norway and the third one is Denmark. The fourth and fifth position is taken by Iceland and Switzerland. These five countries are considered to be the happiest countries in the world 2018.

A country is said to be happy if it has some of the salient features. Firstly, it is said that a country is said to be happy if it is free from any type of political disturbances or interferences at the same time. On the other hand, there should be complete relaxation of the immigrants.

A country should be quite liberal for the immigrants. A landmark survey was made in this year and they put forward these countries. Even all the political decisions should be made in a very decent way. This is the most important thing that must be present in a country for becoming happy from all ends.

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Other Features of countries Happiness:

There were some countries that also recorded to lose its place. Venezuela is one such country that lost its position due to many factors. In the same way, Syria also noticed a great fall from political, social and economic respect too.

There were completely political unrest in the whole country and the common man suffered a lot. The situation became quite tough and many people started leaving this country. On the other hand, if it is looked then it will be observed that Latin America also observed the unequal distribution of income in the whole country. The corruption rate also increased to a great extent.

Complete Information about Happiest Countries:

Even Australia also noticed a great set back. There was a great rise of high wage and people also experienced a lack of employment opportunities. This really thrilled the nation to a great extent. All these things also gave rise to corruption. It was observed in all the corners of the country.

If it is looked upon the good sides then it will be observed that Sweden is also a very peaceful country that gives maximum benefits to its residents. The greatest one is that it is one such country that provides longest paid vacation to its employees.

The new parents can get 480 days to leave and during this time they get 80% of the salary. Thus it can be well assumed from the whole discussion that due to this reasons a country becomes happy from all aspect. Even the administration of the country should also look upon the positive sides of the country. They should also concentrate on the welfare of the country.

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Remember, you cannot buy happiness with money, happiness comes within. So there is no relation between money and happiness. If you are satisfied what you get and whatever you are doing for yourself and for your family, you are happy. Otherwise there are no criteria of happiness. One person is happy to eat one bread and the other one is not happy after eating lot of dishes. So happiness should come within then only you can give your best to the nation.

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