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Essay On Helping The Poor And Needy People In English

Essay On Helping The Poor And Needy People In English

You are living in this world and there is no reason for fir it. You might go on finding the reason and meaning, you may never find it. There is no explanation of why the river is there, why there are so many birds and animals.

In fact, you do not need an explanation. All you need is the way to make life a little more beautiful and awesome. For that you have to find the right avenues and ways. Helping poor and needy people is one of the ways that can give meaning to life.

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Why do you need to help the poor?

You need to understand the fact that you are just a visitor in the world. You might have accumulated millions and balloons of dollars but someday you are going to leave all behind. Everything will stay behind, and you will be back to the source which is the universe.

So, before you go, you need to make sure that you live completely. And that completeness will come only when you have a better relationship with the human. The world is an utterly difficult place to live because the inequality is just so devastating.

There are so many people who do not have food to eat. Now, that is something, you cannot bear as a human. This world offers food to everyone and you everybody has that right.

Hence, you must feel the pain. The hunger pain is quite disturbing and painful.  You can donate a little amount to feed someone. Your community must have people who are starving; you can give them one-time food. It is a fact that it will give you immense happiness. Just do it once and see how it feels to spread happiness and smiles around.

There are government organizations across the world trying to get rid of this dreadful problem but you need to find out how can you help. Your small efforts can make big changes in the world.

You have a certain responsibility towards the world and the people. You must take that responsibility. Your small steps and efforts can make huge differences.

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Ways of helping people:

  • You can feed a human; you can give some amount so that you can make shelters for the needy people
  • You can find the people who need education to help them in getting an education. All you have to do is to find the NGOs that specialize in giving education to poor children
  • You can also help people and kids getting medical attention. Each year people die because they do not have enough money to get basic medical treatment. You can also contribute that too
  • You do not always need to give money to help needy. You can give your time and knowledge to help poor people too.

What it would give you?

Undoubtedly, it would give you the immense pleasure of giving. You will also feel good about yourself because you would be living a dignified life.

Buy a Coffee for Needy People and Support Get Do Help

In a nutshell, you can give you happiness both on the emotional and spiritual level. All you have to do is to take the responsibility of life n the earth. So, make sure that you find a needy person today and help as much as you can to discover the way of living in sync with life as a whole.

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