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Eliminate the Illiteracy and Build A Smarter Nation by Help Needy & Poor People

Eliminate the Illiteracy and Build A Smarter Nation by Help Needy & Poor People

The education is the foundation of human life; perhaps, that differentiates the humans from the animals. Well, animals do train their offspring on how to feed themselves, make nestles or shelters, but humans have gone far ahead of our intrinsic nature of learning capability to an intellectual realm and that has brought us industrial, social and economic revolution.

But literacy rate in India is still unsatisfactory and the poverty galvanizes the severity of the issue making it a pressing concern that needs immediate action; otherwise, all our effort to be a developed country will remain as an idea and can never come into existence.

And people do help worldwide so that the rural population of India can have education and you should join the bandwagon.

What are the challenges?

The challenges are many; first of all, the rural population in India lacks the resources to educate the kids. The spiraling transportation cost, the cost of the book, the uniform, and other miscellaneous expenses become the burdens.

People here struggle to meet the ends and rarely do they feel happy when they successfully fill their stomach with food. So do you really think that the people who struggle to arrange daily bread can educate their kids? Of course not!  

Apart from the government, it is our responsibility to donate money for needy people so that they can educate their children and make our country a highly civilized place to live.

How would it help us?

If you look closely, then you will realize that the criminality, the drug abuses, the gender inequality, every problem comes is a byproduct of illiteracy. When the criminality rate goes up in the country, it also affects you indirectly. By helping the poor people in their educational endeavors, you will make the country and yourself safe alike.

When you donate things for needy people, you will teach them the sense of compassion which is the highest form of intelligence. Of course, only the intelligent people can be compassionate. Look at the Bill Gate’s charity foundation. You cannot deny the fact that Bill Gate is extremely intelligent, right?

So, help today to create a better world tomorrow because what you do right now will define the quality of the next moment. When a child does not get the education and proper care, he breeds hatred deep inside towards the society, the hatred later turns into fear and then into violence.

If you want to stop violence and create an educated country by helping the underprivileged people in getting the education, then you will realize that your little effort can bring radical change. Everyone expects that someone else will take the responsibility.

But it has to be you who should be taking the responsibility first. People get help worldwide through NGOs and other charity initiatives but you have to contribute a little to bring bigger changes in the country.

A life lived for the betterment of mankind is worth celebrating. The unnecessary quests for spiritual attainment and nirvana do not make sense if you fail to feel the pain and show sympathy.

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