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Blood Donation Camp

Blood Donation Camp

Blood Donation 365 Days There is no substitute for human blood. When somebody donates blood, he actually brings smile in many lives. According to a s urvey, in every three seconds, someone in the world needs blood transfusion. Road accidents, surgeries, organ transplants cases also need blood in very huge quantity. But, this huge demand for blood is not taken care of even by the hospitals and blood banks, because they have very less supply in comparison to the demand.     We feel that organizing blood donation camps by a few big organizations cannot be a sufficient effort to overcome this challenge. We need to organize such camps on regular basis. It is more important that individuals and small organizations join the blood donation drive, even with small level camps.     Looking at above facts, JSG (Topaz) Charitable Trust, Jaipur has taken a never before initiative for noble cause of gifting life through blood donation. The initiative “Blood Donation 365 Days” intends to organize blood donation camps on daily basis, throughout the year, regularly.

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We are launching also a portal related to blood group by name of Find Blood Group Where you can register your self and submit all details in your profile and by submit news and update like what is your blood group, in which area or region you are living, interested in blood donation or not, when you doanted blood, which one are looking for blood in which area etc.. So to do social works and save many life just register your self there and save many lifes by blood donation.

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