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Bible Verses about the Poor and Homeless : Words of Hope and Wisdom

Bible Verses about the Poor and Homeless : Words of Hope and Wisdom

Spirituality is not only about praying to God. It’s also about the good deeds you perform in your life. Having faith and hope gives a purpose to live. And this purpose helps in leading a happy and pleasant life.

There are various holy books which tell us about the origin of life and how God sacrificed His life for welfare and betterment of people. With so much advancement and development going on in today’s world.

But still, there are so many people who are poor and homeless. There are people who don’t get a proper meal a day, who do not have proper clothes to cover their bodies and also who do not have shelter to hide.

The gap between the poor and the rich is being increasing day by day. Do you think God ever wanted such a world? Bible verses about the poor and homeless will help you understand the happiness behind helping the poor and needy people.

The Holy book: Bible

The Bible is basically a collection of various sacred texts. These also include scriptures. Bible defines the relationship between humans and God. They are a product of great divinity and inspiration and are so sacred.

There are various versions of Bible. In Christianity, there are various communities. Each community holds their own beliefs about God and their faiths differ from each other. Based on the community and the group various versions has been written.

Even though different communities support different ideologies Bible verses about the poor and homeless is the same for every community. Every community supports the idea of helping the needy and the poor. Bible has many verses which provide wisdom on helping people.

What are Bible verses?

The Bible verses are quotes and thoughts which helps people understand life. Words written in Bible are words of wisdom. They give inspiration and motivation to people. Reading the Bible can make you understand the purpose of life.

There are many verses in the Bible which inspires to help people who need us, verses which will help you grow as an individual. Let us see some of them.

  1. The Bible emphasizes the truth of homelessness and advice people to help those who need it. Like the verse Matthew 8:20 in the Bible states that an animal can call any place home, but they don’t have any place for laying their head.

  2. In the verse Leviticus 25:25, God insists people help and support those people who have no shelter. He commands people who help the homeless.

  3. According to the verse Isaiah 58:6-7, He wants people to share their food with the people who are poor.
    The verse states that hungry shall be provided with food and poor wanderer shall be provided with a home. They should be welcomed and turning on backs on them is not what a devotee will do.

  4. Proverb 19:17 states that whoever is kind to the poor and homeless will be rewarded. They will be blessed, whereas those who refuse are on a losing end.

  5. John 13:29 tells about how Jesus and His disciples helped the poor. He tells everyone to set that as an example and help the poor and needy.

If you go through Bible, you will see that there is only one message; help others. The way of help could be anything. If you helps others, god will help you. You might have your own belief but the summary of every belief or every religion is to help others. This is the best way to meet with the god.

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