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5 Different Types Of Medical Insurance Plans In India

5 Different Types Of Medical Insurance Plans In India

5 Different Types Of Health / Medical Insurance Plans In India

Today, people are prone to illness and serious medical conditions. Their lives are depended on medicines and various tests. Though there is a sudden change in the lifestyle of people still they face health-related issues.

The treatments, medicines and regular health tests are making a big hole in the pocket. A good medical insurance plan is a great savior. The health insurance companies offer various medical insurance plans in India that fit into the budget of the people.

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How does medical insurance work?

Group or individual health insurance depends on your insurance needs. According to your need, you should choose the best insurance plan.

In a floater plan, you will get health insurance for the whole family under one policy. A reliable insurance policy always offers affordable premium so that everyone can access the insurance policy. It helps them in the near future.

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Types of insurance plans

Here is the list of various health insurance plans that is good for you and your family.

  1. Apollo Munich Health Insurance
    Apollo Munich Easy Health is the best choice for health security. It offers innumerable benefits like treatment of in-patient, hospital expenses for 24 hours and more, cover pre-hospitalization, day-care medical expenses of 144 types. All these features make this health insurance plan perfect.
  2. Religare Health Insurance
    This insurance plan offers safeguard to you and your family. It protects you from financial risk which arises from a medical emergency. It covers room rent, daycare, domiciliary, ICU, both pre and post hospitalization, medical check-ups, and ambulance charges. You will not face any delay in the treatment procedure.
  3. ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance
    It offers cashless hospitalization, tax benefit, emergency ambulance, health check-up for free, look period for free for 15 days. It offers renewability option for lifelong. Also, it offers hospitalization expenses, daycare expenses, and treatment expenses.
  4. Max Bupa Health Companion Health Insurance Plan
    Under this, you will get personalized insurance policies and plans that suit different types of customers. It covers expenses of pre, post-hospitalization, it offers an allowance of daily cash and expense of treatment of in-patient.
  5. Bajaj Allianz Health Guard
    They have innovative health insurance plans that cover emergency health issues on time. The insurance plan never stops quality treatment and keeps you financially secure. The plan covers medicines, investigations of policyholder’s illness and consultations. Also, you will get renewability lifelong plan. It also offers a cashless facility with 4000 hospital networks.

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Now that you have come to know aboutvarious medical insurance plans in India, you can definitely choose the best. Health insurance is an extra layer of protection. It helps you overcome all your fear of medical emergencies.

Talk with health insurance agents and they can suggest you the best one that is good for your budget and family.

Taking up a medical insurance plan for you and your family will help you in the long run. It will secure your future, sudden medical emergencies and overcome the monetary crisis.

We all know that “health is wealth” and ensure your health well in advance help you fight against all medical emergencies.

A good insurance policy helps you overcome costly medical expenditures. Choose the best medical policy that will help you secure your health in the long run. It is the best thing that you can give to your family.

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