Get DO Help

Benefits of Registration at Get Do Help

You can register at Get Do Help Portal as “Donator” or “Needy” or “NGO (Trust, Society)” or “Organization” or “Professional” or “Volunteer”. After registration first of all you all are able to submit blogs (you daily activities also) and/or news. Now you are also able to share any blogs, news or needy and poor people profiles to social media world.

If you are one of needy or poor

You can request for help in details and our team members and volunteers will explore your need to all world to find help for you. Get Do Help also consider on help for each request according to our capacity.

Any people can hide his profile from world. For example if you want to donate but don’t want to show your profile then just on check box or hide profile in my account section and no one can see your details.

Bonus Credit Points: You will get welcome bonus credits.

Get or Do Help: You can do or get help for any types of issues like help for help for marriage issues, education issues, help for medical issues, help for financial issues, help for budget issues, help for depression issues etc. In short about all types of issues.

  • . Earn With Activities: You can earn credits by your activities as below
    1.  Share Details: If you are sharing any needy people details then we will give you credits.
    2.  Refer Needy People Who Need Help: If anyone not able to reach our portal due to some reason like he can’t register or not educated or any types of other reasons, just submit his details (Name, address, his requirement, pic etc.) at our portal and we will give you credits.
    3.  Write for Us: If you have writing skills then you can write for us “Help Topic” like “How can you get out from your depression”. Our editors will check for quality and unique contents and will give you credits accordingly.
    4.  Update or News: If you have any latest news then you can submit at our portal. Our team will check your submitted news and will give you credit accordingly.
    5.  Upload Unique Video for News or Other Related Things: If you have any unique video then you can upload at Get Do Help Portal and share them as much as possible because we will give you credits according to views.
    6.  Our Tie-up Resources: You can see our tie up resources like hotel lists, products list, tour travel package and many other things. If anyone need these then you can refer them to us by give his details or your profile URL. You will get credits according to your referrer selection.
  •  Recharge, Buy, Help, Advertisement, and Withdraw: After registration we will give you credits for your activities and you can use your credits for recharge mobile, D2H or can buy any products or can donate your credits to any needy people who is looking for help. You can also advertise your products or services at our portal by your credits. You can also withdraw your amount to your bank or any other payment wallets.
  •  Show or Hide Online Presence: Register at our portal with original name and related documents with us and after registration you can hide your details.
    1.  Needy but don’t want to show name: You are needy and need help but don’t want to show you name due to some reason then you can use any other name, places etc and we will show at our portal accordingly (With note that name, place is changed on user request but user is verified by Get Do Help team.).
    2.  Donor: Generally we shows donor name at top donor lists but if you want to hide your name from those lists then you can choose from your “My Account Section” after registration.

 Other Topics: Show or hide your online presence with any other places also like at blog section, news section etc.. You can manage from you’re my account section.